If you are sure your dream candidate is somewhere in the open web, but don’t know exactly how to find him, this series of articles is for you!

For the next weeks, we will give you hints on how to optimise your google search when you are looking for potential candidates in the open web.

Our first tip is “How to find a candidate’s contact details simply using his/her picture”.  And you will find the next topics at the bottom of this page.

Let’s assume that you have read a very interesting article written by someone called Benoit but you couldn’t find any of his contact details on the page and all you had was his photo… nothing, nada, not even his family name! You want to know more about him and contact him, he is the right candidate for an open position you have at the moment.

Don’t get desperate, you will see that finding more information about him is actually very easy!

All you have to do is “right click” on the photo on the website and go to “Search Google for Image” …


… and let the magic operate! You will find significant information about your “mysterious “, yet  “perfect” candidate!


But if his phone number is still unaccounted for stay tuned… next week’s tip is “How can I find a candidate’s telephone number on Google?”