UPDATE 2/2017: Struggling with the new LinkedIn? You might also want to check out or tips and tricks how to use the new LinkedIn search even with a free account…


Note: The original blogpost was published in February 2015, but as this is still something that concerns recruiters worldwide, we try to keep the information updated.


What is the LinkedIn limit on search?

LinkedIn’s intentions are pretty clear. LinkedIn wants recruiters to pay for its services: ‘Reaching the commercial use limit means your activity on LinkedIn is likely geared towards commercial purposes, like hiring or prospecting’ After you’ve reached the limit, you can continue searching, but you will only see a very limited number of results.

What is the actual limit?

The tricky thing is, LinkedIn has never said what the actual “limit” was. A LinkedIn search limit experiment has already been done by Chris South. Long story short: He conducted 800 unique searches without hitting this limit. But he also reached the excessive daily search restriction after 81 searches.

Since the LinkedIn limit on search still bothers most of us, we recommend trying various ways to actively source talented people.


How to avoid the LinkedIn limit on search?

1. Use Google search on LinkedIn, instead of LinkedIn search

LinkedIn isn’t a closed system – they send profile information also to Google to be indexed. And that’s what you should be using – public LinkedIn profiles indexed by Google! Using boolean operators, a search query may look something like this:

site:linkedin.com/pub | site:linkedin.com/in -inurl:dir -inurl:title php | php5 | lamp | zend html | sql | c# | javascript “France”

By typing this into Google, I was able to roughly identify almost 300,000 programmers in France.


Of course, you need to know how Google works and what operators you should use to get similar results. That’s why InHiro sourcing platform now offers an easy way to conduct a Google search over LinkedIn (but many other interesting networks as well).  Simply enter job title, desired skills and a location and hit search. We will complement your search query with useful synonyms to make your search even more efficient.

Ask for a demo to see how this works

2. Use your 1st degree LinkedIn connections

It seems that “collecting” contacts over the years will start bringing rewards. There is no LinkedIn limit on search among your 1st degree connections… yet. Even if you’ve encountered the limit, you may always search within your 1st degree connections on your connections page.

3. Build your talent pool outside of LinkedIn platform

Well, this is not ‘news’, it is something clever recruiters already do. Build your talent pool continuously outside of LinkedIn and you will never get above the LinkedIn search limit again. Whether you use an ATS or other CRM, it is always good not to be too dependent solely on LinkedIn. By the way, InHiro platform is a great way of keeping and managing profiles.