We began working on InHiro in 2013, as a result of our company’s needs to make sense of incoming email applications and CVs. At that time, with no proper HR department, creating a smart online management tool seemed like a natural move.

Fast forward a few months, InHiro evolved into a professional applicant tracking system (ATS) with innovative features, used by companies and recruiters all over the world.
InHiro ATS features revolve mainly around applicant tracking – communication with candidates, agenda, referral system, status tracking… But more and more, we felt that managing candidates isn’t the biggest challenge recruiters are facing today. The main issue is – how to actually make sure that you have potential candidates to choose from?

Earlier this year, we joined forces with a French HR/software firm Esther Ellis and with their know-how, we decided to focus on sourcing, rather than tracking.

As result, InHiro is proud to announce a new product that is available today – InHiro / Esther Ellis sourcing platform. We’re offering a powerful tool for sourcers and recruiters to actively identify and approach talent directly. Find hidden pools of professionals and easily connect with them. Use the power of search engines and clever algorithms to target more precisely, and faster than your competition… and lots of useful functionalities to come in near future.

Feel free to find out more about InHiro / Esther Ellis on our new webpage, or simply contact us to schedule a demo of the platform.

Happy sourcing!
Clément, Benoît, Andrej and Lucia
founders of InHiro / Esther Ellis