How to deal with the new LinkedIn?

Although LinkedIn has imposed some radical changes and restrictions with the new layout, there are still multiple ways how you can search new LinkedIn for your ideal candidate – even with a free account!


1 – Boolean is back!

Great news – LinkedIn has listened to recruiters’ feedback and brought back Boolean search. This means that in some cases, you may still use AND, OR, and NOT in your keyword search.
Example: (ux OR “user experience”) AND (ui OR “user interface” OR gui) NOT manager


2 – Useful: Search by title and company

You can use following “field” commands directly in the LinkedIn search. Field commands are special commands that indicate where exactly the keyword should be.

title: (search by current title)
Example:   title:designer

company: (search by current company)
Example: company:inhiro

school: (search by schools attended)
Example: school:EPITECH

*Please note that school field command is very unreliable at the moment, LinkedIn is still in the process of reahuling the University/Alumni database, so perhaps that’s why…

You can combine field commands by typing this in the search bar:
Example: title:designer company:inhiro


To select multiple values, you have to put it like this:

Example: (company:inhiro OR company:dell OR company:hp)


3 – Search by keywords

Keywords include anything (current and past job titles, current and past job details, skills,…) within a profile. To search by keyword, simply add these into the search bar, you can use Boolean operators.

Example: marketing OR “social media” NOT strategy


4 – Search by Location: Forget postal codes, learn areas…

In the free LinkedIn account, you are not able to search by City or Postal code anymore. For example, we found out that LinkedIn divided France into 94 areas. This means that you cannot search for profiles in Paris 08, you have to go with the whole Paris area. However, this can be a good thing when you want to include profiles from nearby locations…

Useful cheatsheet for our French friends:

To find out which area to pick, you can refer to our ZIP to AREA document.

Obviously, we automate all this in InHiro sourcing platform, so our users are able to search by  cities, ZIP codes, communes and we choose the right area for them automatically! Ask for a demo today to see how our platform makes recruiters’ lives easier 🙂



5 – Use Google over LinkedIn!

Last but not least, obviously, is to search on LinkedIn via Google, not using LinkedIn’s own search module. This way, you can save up your precious search attempts (commercial search limit is still a thing on LinkedIn, so the more alternative searches you make, the better off you are). InHiro / Esther Ellis sourcing platform has the best and most useful search queries for recruiters to utilize Google to the max.



Extra tip!

We’re all curious about the impact of the new LI product strategy on our daily sourcing and recruiting routine. However, it is safe to say that it is perhaps time to look for alternative sources of talent. The French market offers diverse networks and websites where you can find professionals (with InHiro, you can easily access 80+ of networks like DoYouBuzz, Apec, Pole Emploi,…).