How can a company without a dedicated HR department benefit from InHiro

Meet Alexander. He’s the Managing Director at Acceleri, a fast growing advertising agency. They don’t see an absent HR department as their handicap. This is how they handle recruiting with InHiro:

Everything in one place

“With InHiro, we keep candidate CVs, notes, communication and files in one place. It’s way more effective than separate excel spreadsheets and emails.”

Our communication got simpler

“Mass messages simplified our communication with candidates. We can automatically send a Thank you email, a Decline email to a group of candidates – or even invite them for an interview with a calendar function. What is more, everything is kept in InHiro.”

Goodbye chaos

“InHiro helps us manage our recruiting process more intuitively. If you’re not a recruiter, hiring is more about improvisation, InHiro tool is a great guide for us.”

Our career page is always updated

“Only a few people in our team have access to the website admin to update the company career page. With InHiro Job Ad Creator and a little script on our site, jobs are posted automatically. No help of the IT department is needed.”

Stats are important

“As an advertising company, we know that statistics and the ability to measure our effort is essential in everything we do. Recruiting included.”

Modern designs with little effort

“Our job ads have to be visually appealing, as we are often trying to attract creatives – our future designers. With InHiro we are able to create fine-looking and functional designs progressively in so little time, and change them anytime we want.”

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