Source more candidates with referrals

Watch the video. InHiro Referrals help you reach quality applicants through your employees and contacts.

Turn your employees and LinkedIn contacts into headhunters

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How does the Referral Program work

InHiro gives you the opportunity to send a unique, traceable url to your employees, friends and LinkedIn contacts.

Features of InHiro referral program

Start with your referral recruiting easily. Learn more about InHiro solutions.

Source more with Employee Referral Recruiting

The advantages of employee referrals: Your best employees usually know other A-players. Use their powerful networks to hire quality candidates. Referrals are hired quicker – and tend to stay longer.

LinkedIn Referral Recruiting

LinkedIn only allows you to send a message to one person at a time. InHiro solved this problem: with a simple click, you can send LinkedIn referral messages to all your contacts!

Use stats and analytics

Find out who brought the most views and applicants. Time to reward the best “sharer”!

Save great talent as you browse their social profiles

Found an impressive LinkedIn, Facebook or GitHub profile? Save it to your talent pool! With InHiro Tipster, you can turn sourcing into a game for your team.

"With InHiro Referrals, we got a whopping 80% more candidates for our Helpdesk Operator position"

− Eva Jantosikova, WebSupport

Referral recruitment strategy checklist

How to boost your Referral Program to the max
  1. Do you have an employee referral program at your company? Have you sent your employees a unique, traceable URL to your job description so that they can easily share on their social networks?
  2. Have you asked your LinkedIn contacts to look for referrals with a unique traceable link?
  3. Have you published your job ad on your company’s social media profiles?
  4. Have you asked an influence person in your field to share your job opening?
  5. Did you provide a reward for referrals or motivation to the best “sharer”?

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