Simplify your recruiting process with InHiro

Manage everything from job descriptions to final proposals with one simple online tool.


How does it work?

InHiro is ready as a stand-alone online tool to manage your whole recruiting process. However, you may use each of our features as complement to your existing tools!

Step-by-step to a great hire

Create outstanding job descriptions and interactive job ads. Share them via your colleagues, social media – or advertise on job boards. Use InHiro as an applicant tracking system to manage incoming candidates. Hire the best ones – and keep the rest for possible future hire!


Find passive candidates on social networks and let your whole team search for the right talent – with InHiro Referrals.

Communication, Rating & Agenda…

… all under one roof. Send emails, take notes, rate candidate skills, schedule meetings and interviews. Have a great overview of each candidate!

Stats, Analytics & Reporting

See how your ad is being shared and viewed. See which channel brought the most candidates. And always know how effective your recruiting is!

"With InHiro Referrals, we got a whopping 48% more candidates for our Helpdesk Operator position"

− Eva Jantosikova, WebSupport

Recruiting Process Check-up

  1. Do you use Outlook to communicate with candidates?
  2. Do you use spreadsheets to keep track of applicants?
  3. Do you have resumes scattered over different hard drives?
  4. Do you only use job boards to advertise job openings?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you are losing time, money, and access to great talent.

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