InHiro Features Overview

InHiro is simple on the outside. But there’s real power under the hood!


It’s important to have a clear idea about your newly opened position and about the ideal candidate. Set key skills for each position and set a recruiting pipeline beforehand.

Recruiting Pipeline

Customize the recruiting pipeline to your needs.

Key skills

Set key skills when opening a new position.


Create and delegate tasks related to positions or candidates.


In order to find a great team member, you first need to fill your talent pool with all possible candidates. There are various ways InHiro helps you boost your sourcing efforts.

Attractive Job Description

Built-in Job Ad Creator lets you create amazing job ads in minutes.

Career mailbox

Extract applicants from “” emails.

Custom application form

Customize information candidates have to fill.


Set automatic response to all incoming applications.

Post to social media

Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks

Customize sharing settings

Set your own sharing image and text to get more attention.

Stats on shares and views

See which network proves to be the most efficient.

One-click Job Board posting

Post your job ad to various job boards worldwide.

Ask for Referrals

Easily send mass messages to those who might know someone.

LinkedIn integration

Connect your LI account for more powerful referrals.

Career website

Get a fully hosted company job board or customize one to your taste.

Friendly API

Our API allows you to fully customize a career website.

Browser plugin

Quickly add candidates while browsing LinkedIn


Always know what’s going on with each candidate. Robust candidate profiles help you get the full view so that you can decide confidently.

Communicate with candidates

Seamless email communication from within the app.

Mass messaging

Send out personalized mass messages to save time.

Communication history

All communication in one place.

Powerful Search

Search within emails and attachments.

Custom recruiting pipeline

To fit your recruiting process.

Schedule interviews

Send invitations to onsite, telephone or Skype interviews.

Interview reminders

Both for your team and the candidate.

Candidate rating

Rate candidates based on skills and experience.

Comments and Feedback

Discuss with your team whom to hire.


Tag candidates

User roles

Invite Admins, Members and Agencies to join your recruiting.


With your team comments and all data available, it’s real easy to make a final decision.

Send Job Offers

Use templates to send job offers.

Talent Pool

Build your talent pool continuously so that you always have a suitable candidate.

Stats & Analytics

See how effective your hiring is.

All InHiro features help companies in following areas:

Create outstanding Job Ads

Introduce your company culture. Add photos of existing team members. Ready and online within 5 minutes.

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Source more Candidates

Send a unique and traceable link to each employee and LinkedIn contacts. Use stats and analytics. Always know who brought most views and applicants. Referrals brought our client 48% more views and 80% more applicants.

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Manage recruiting process

Set up you own pipeline. Rank candidates with your colleagues. Contact candidates. Keep it all simple and clean. You don’t need other recruiting tools.

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Build your talent pool

Maybe you don’t need a job ad every time you need a new candidate. Archive all the greatest talents on one place. Searching is based on skills through thousands of CV’s. Contact them directly.

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