Contacting prospects via e-mail may be really quick and comfortable – but great recruiters never underestimate the power of a “good old” phone call. Although it’s easier to stumble upon an e-mail address while sourcing on the open web, there are a few tricks you can use when you want to focus on finding a candidate with a phone number.

Know national and mobile prefixes

France has a national phone prefix (or country calling code) of +33. Germany has +49. This is what all phone numbers located in these countries begin with. Please refer to the list of country calling codes on Wikipedia to find the right prefix for your desired location.


Then, each country usually has a limited number of prefixes assigned to mobile operators. In France, those would be 06 and 07. In Germany, these are 015, 016 and 017. You may again refer to Wikipedia to find mobile phone prefixes.

How to use the phone prefix in sourcing

Now all you need to do is adding these prefixes to your search query. Let’s try this one to find sales candidates in France:

"06" OR "07" tel OR mob "sales" OR

phone numbers sourcing

Use RANGE operator when you want to target a range of phone numbers

In Slovakia, mobile phone numbers can have any prefix from 901 to 959. That’s a lot of possibilities – but great thing is, you don’t have to type all of them into your query. Just use the range operator like this:

"901..959" "sales" OR

Search results will return sales people with any mobile phone number:

phone number sourcing


Use these parameters to target candidates from a specific geographical area. Also, try thinking of another smart ways how you could use the RANGE parameter. ZIP codes perhaps? 😉