Who is GA Drilling

This case study concerns GA Drilling – a high-tech company from Slovakia, bringing premium, patented products for Oil and Gas Industry. Their most demanding customers are from U.S., Norway, U.K. and the Middle East.

The recruiting challenge: To find a specialist

Their small team needed to grow and find a specialist – technology project manager. The ideal candidate would need to combine engineering, geological or technological background with top management skills.

National job boards online were considered the standard sourcing method but the hiring company were unable to get to the right person through them.

They needed to find a creative way of approaching the passive candidates – people content in their jobs, not necessarily looking for a new challenge: highly qualified candidates who have the required skills.

“Job boards were unable to get the passive candidates – people content in their jobs, not necessarily looking for a new challenge”

The recruiting strategy: Target at passive candidates

GA Drilling was advised to use the InHiro solution as their search was too particular for job boards – the job ad needed to be engaging and specific enough to attract someone with the required leadership skills.

The solution: InHiro simple recruiting tool

InHiro can efficiently target and engage people even though they’re not actively job-hunting, through smart presentation of a new professional challenge. Our highly customised job advertisement introduced the hiring company in a more attractive way that a boring job board advert ever could:

  1. A video was shown, demonstrating their very own technology.
  2. The history of the company was explained and the founding managers introduced, including their photos – this made the job advert a lot more “personal” and relatable. Surveys prove that job candidates prefer seeing real people’s faces, rather than an anonymous email address

The result: 20 quality candidates and 2 new managers!

The job ad soon started spreading among the specialist community, frequent sharing and retweeting the ad led to 20 recommended candidates – all of them fulfilled the requirements, there were no low-suitability candidates and 20 profiles led to 10 interviews. The candidates’ response time was considerably quicker, too. Eventually, the company hired 2 new managers having used just one ad.

"“In 2015, we are planning to take on about 30 new employees, in the Technology as well as Marketing divisions. We shall definitely be consulting InHiro again – their tools make our search for new heroes so much easier."

− Petra Palencarova, HR Manager at GA Drilling,

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