How a recruiting agency benefits from InHiro

Meet Matej. He’s owner of a recruiting agency EuroView employing 5 full-time recruiters. They serve many big clients from IT companies to international banks.

Talent pool search is everything

“Talent pool is our company asset. It’s nothing out of the ordinary when we add more than 100 candidates on one day to our database. Because of that, we rely on InHiro’s search capabilities. Boolean strings, skills search, position, date, source – it has everything a recruiter needs.”

How we save interesting profiles from LinkedIn

“We search for talent on LinkedIn – a lot! So we needed an easy way to get them to our database without having to rewrite everything. Luckily, InHiro Chrome plugin does this with one click.”

Team candidate tracking is the key

“Recruiting is a team work, we often switch between jobs. Great candidate tracking is essential for us.”

LinkedIn referrals boosted our audience

“Unlike companies with many employees, we have to use other networks to reach potential candidates. It’s great that InHiro allows us to send referrals to our LinkedIn contacts.”

Send offers like a PRO

“When you contact a potential candidate, you have to send them a job description somehow. Honestly, I can’t imagine sending a pdf or txt file with containing the job description anymore. It’s so unprofessional… Instead, you can send them a good looking webpage. You don’t have to be a programmer or designer to do that. The Job Ad Creator by InHiro is easy to use. Even our Junior Assistant can do that!”

The provided statistics help me control our effectivity

“As a company owner, I have to keep track on my employees’ performance as well. Stats works for me as a fast check on how we’re doing with a position, and as an agency overall.”

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