How a company with their own HR department benefits from InHiro

Meet Eva. She’s the only one HR Manager at Websupport, the company with over 40 employees. She has to search for IT talent, communicate with Hiring Managers, interview candidates and among that take care of existing employees and company culture. She has a lot on her shoulders.

My IT talent secret: Database building

“Websupport built its database of IT talent continuously over time. We import all candidates’ resumes into InHiro, tag them according to their skills, rank them as a team together with the Hiring Managers and add notes. Thanks to advanced search, it is so much easier to fill in unexpected drop outs.”

No more manual data rewriting

“Of course, I don’t have to retype any data. InHiro automatically creates candidate profiles from resumes, emails, even LinkedIn profiles.”

Everyone knows what’s happening

“I often have to switch between many different open positions. Thanks to InHiro, I always know at what stage of the recruiting process a candidate is. I don’t have to worry going on vacation – InHiro is so easy to use. Any Hiring Manager can continue working where I left.”

Referral program helps me spread our network

“We successfully introduced referral hiring with InHiro. Result? 80% more candidates applied! Every programmer in our company has schoolmates and friends in IT. It would be a shame not to benefit from it! What is more, I can always see how many views and applications came from whom!”

Job Ad Creator makes me independent

“You know, even within an IT company, it is hard to persuade someone to code a nice job ad for you. I’m not a programmer, neither designer. But in InHiro, I can create good looking job descriptions with their own url that I can share on our social networks. It is easy and empowers our employer branding.”

I make better decisions thanks to InHiro stats

“I can’t imagine my work without statistics. I always know, how my job ad is performing and the stats of various candidate sources – so I always see what source of candidates worked best. For example, majority of our quality Helpdesk Specialists came from job boards while IT specialists are usually hired through referrals. Once I see the data, I can adjust my sourcing on the go. Passive recruiting is not for me.”

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