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Since the LinkedIn limit on search still bothers most of us, we recommend trying various ways to actively source talented people. InHiro now also has a search query builder (in beta) which helps you conduct a search over LinkedIn, but many interesting networks as well.

Simply enter job title, desired skills and a location and hit search. We will complement your search query with useful synonyms. Then choose a network and ta-dah! Your results are here!







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Most of you who often search for candidates on LinkedIn for free have already seen the obstacles of the LinkedIn limit on search:

What is the LinkedIn limit on search?

  1. A progress bar appears in your search results when only 30% of your search requests are left
  2. It continues to remind you in 5% increments
  3. After you’ve reached the limit, you can continue searching, but you will see a limited number of results.

says: ‘Reaching the commercial use limit means your activity on LinkedIn is likely geared towards commercial purposes, like hiring or prospecting. Until your limit resets next month, your search experience will be limited. Your free monthly usage resets at midnight PST on the 1st of each calendar month.’


Why would LinkedIn do it?

LinkedIn’s intentions are pretty clear. LinkedIn wants recruiters to pay for its services:

‘Reaching the commercial use limit means your activity on LinkedIn is likely geared towards commercial purposes, like hiring or prospecting’
Your LinkedIn

What is the actual LinkedIn Limit on search?

The tricky thing is, LinkedIn has never said what the actual “limit” was.
A LinkedIn search limit experiment has already been done by Chris South.
Long story short: He conducted 800 unique searches without hitting this limit. But he also reached the excessive daily search restriction after 81 searches.

How to avoid Commercial LinkedIn limit on search?

1. Use Google search instead of LinkedIn

It’s called X-ray. But you have to be aware that X-ray only covers 88% of the full LinkedIn search. So there’s a chance you might miss your ideal candidate
You always have to use a specific formula (or search query) for your search. In this case we used:
site:linkedin.com (inurl:pub OR inurl:in) -intitle:directory (developer OR programmer) “Slovakia”


The Result: it’s not accurate

Learn more about Google X-ray here.

2. Use your 1st degree LinkedIn connections

It seems that “collecting” contacts over the years will start bringing rewards. There is no LinkedIn limit on search among your 1st degree connections… yet. Even if you’ve encountered the limit, you may always search within your 1st degree connections on your


However, this could be just a temporary solution until the next LinkedIn update.

The Result: might just be temporary, works only for LinkedIn “collectors”

3. Build your talent pool outside the LinkedIn platform

Well, this is something that clever recruiters already do. Build your talent pool continuously and you will never get above the LinkedIn search limit again.

We in InHiro have built a great talent pool tool for you – you can source your talent directly from your email, files, LinkedIn and much! Search through your talent pool with advanced talent pool search.

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