Do you feel lost in your sourcing channels? We at InHiro prepared a beautiful Sourcing Map for you. Plan your recruiting strategy according to your budget:




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Meet the author of this art piece – the Sourcing Map was created by Maldo, an awesome Illustrator based in London.


How to read the Sourcing map


01 Job description

An attractive, straight-to-the point and creative job description gets lots of attention.

02 Company career page

Turn your website visitors into candidates by having an always up-to-date
career listing.

03 Your friends and connections

Spread the word by telling your closest connections – your friends might
know someone.

04 Employees and colleagues

Use your existing business contacts to share the job offer. Do you have
a working referral system at your company?

05 Your personal social media profiles

Be the ambassador of your own work.

06 Company social media profiles

Turn your engaged fans and followers into candidates. Don’t be afraid
to ask for repost.

07 Post to communities and groups

Post on sites where your ideal candidates tend to hang out – but don’t

08 Promoted posts

You may boost visibility of your job offer with only a few extra money.
By targeting your audience, you get great results.
Budget: $

09 Global job boards

You obviously get lots of traffic, but quality of profiles tends
to drop rapidly. Job boards offer candidates actively looking for a job
(unemployed or job seekers).
Budget: $$

10 Specialised community job boards

Community websites for developers, designers, marketers often have
a dedicated job board. Posting on these is more expensive, as they are
targeted at specialists.
Budget: $$

11 Job fairs

You can get a decent amount of qualified personnel, but the production
and organisational cost of such venue can get nasty.
Budget: $$$

12 Independent recruiters

They offer industry insights, helicopter view of your entire recruiting
process, but you’re not entirely in control of the process.
Budget: $$$

13 Agency services

Agencies can take care of your entire recruiting process. However, be
prepared for higher success fees. To find the best match, communicate
your needs and consult with your agency often.
Budget: $$$$

14 Headhunters

They don’t look for people, they just know them. You should turn
to headhunters when you’re looking for rare-to-find specialists.
Headhunting services are the most expensive in recruiting process.
Budget: $$$$$

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